There are several reasons why to choose a hand-made knife. First of all, whole knife is made almost entirely by one person. No mass production, no automated machines doing the work. I don’t use CNC machines either and I do all cutting by myself. It makes every knife, even same shaped, a unique piece. Of course, this makes hand-made knives more expensive and not affordable for everyone.

Each knife passing my hands has a story to tell. It begins with an idea, continues with drawing, projecting and reshaping raw material until it turns into new object. I do documentation of every knife I produce so you can see the story yourself.

Buying a hand-made knife means to invest in quality. Knives made by artisan can last for generations. Materials used by artisans are generally better quality than in standard industrial process. Difference can be in steel used for blades, guard and handle materials. In industrial process, accent is given on quantitative production that from its behavior makes compromises on quality of used materials in order to produce profit. Artisan’s approach is, however, to produce quality knife using premium materials. In such process, you are able to choose the materials, shape and all other attributes of your personal knife. By adjusting the details, you can give your knife a piece of your style.

One who understands the process and all the work behind handmade product knows, that by buying this product is directly supporting the craftsman. In this final moment of handcrafted product, it needs somebody who appreciate it as a unique piece of jewelry, its owner.