Ready to own a piece of art? Let’s see how to make a right choice just for you. Choose wisely so you don’t need to spend your money twice and everybody will be satisfied.

There are several things to consider before you buy a knife.

First of all, think about the use of your knife.
There is a lot of types of knives, such as kitchen knives, folding knives, hunting knives or even showcase knives. The use should define the type of your future knife.
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Secondly, you should take in account the environment where you are settled. Air humidity, closeness of the sea, frequent rainy weather, freezing temperature, those are factors influencing the materials used in your knife. If you live in coastal area, corrosion probability is higher than if you live inland with dryer and warmer weather. There are several stainless steels with different wear resistance properties. Stainless doesn’t mean 100% stainless, it stands for a period of time it can resist the corrosion in particular environment.

The third thing that affect your knife are your personal preferences. Choose materials which characterize your personality and give your knife the soul.