About me

When I was finishing elementary school in my fifteens I decided to study graphic design at specialized high school. I found it creative and perspective field for my future employment. I graduated high school in 2007 with certificate of apprenticeship.

During my high school studies, I learned about programming and coding that resulted in making my first website. Shortly after I started making websites as self-employed designer. The following year after my graduation I moved to Prague (Czech Republic) where I continued designing websites for few more years.

After years in Prague, I decided that I don’t want to spent my life in front of computer screen. I sold my PC, gave my clothes to give-away shops, other stuff to friends and I left the place where I was living. I packed everything in backpack and left Prague.

I have travelled around Europe for several years, but I also visited Mexico. I have learned a lot of things and got numerous skills while travelling. Especially I have learned languages so I can speak English, German, Spanish and Italian. Being without job made me find ways to make some money on the go. I earned money as a street artist, juggling in the streets of Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Croatia, etc. My journey ended in Italy where I wanted to settle down. I love Italian people, language, food…

Living there, I met a guy who made beautiful handmade knives. I was given a possibility to use his workshop and dive into forging and gaining new skills in metalwork. I made my first knives there and found myself a new hobby. Handmade knives are not just ordinary knives, it requires passion, artistic approach, craftsmanship and patience to create a true artistic object. Creativity and attention to detail give the knife its own unique soul and when it’s made by someone with big passion, it turns into true piece of jewelry.

Currently I live in Germany where I managed to create my own workshop to continue my hobby. Here I have also learned processes of jewelry making and gold and silver metalwork thanks to my friend who studied in Schwäbisch Gmünd and passed me her knowledge. Nowadays I spend most of my time knife-making transforming my hobby into full-time job.

Thank you for helping make my dreams come true.