How I can buy knife from you?2021-01-15T18:06:32+00:00

You can easily contact me and we can make personal or online appointment.

Contact me via e-mail: info@ivankoknives.com

Where can I see some of your knives in person?2021-01-15T18:05:37+00:00

Unfortunately, right now I do knives to order only, so please see my gallery.

How long do I have to wait for knife after order was placed?2021-01-15T18:03:53+00:00

It depends on the current situation of orders, availability of materials and difficulty of order. It can take from 2 weeks up to few months.

Are you selling your blades worldwide?2021-01-15T18:01:38+00:00

Yes, if the condition of country of destination does not have any restriction which could prevent it.

Is the Damascus steel forged by you?2021-01-15T18:00:53+00:00

Yes. All carbon Damascus steels are made by me.

What is the price of your knives?2021-01-15T17:58:16+00:00

This is very good question, but it’s very difficult to answer. All prices depend of type of materials used and amount of time I spend.

Can I pay with PayPal?2021-01-15T17:57:29+00:00

Yes. It’s possible to pay with PayPal, or money transfer to account. I send an invoice by e-mail for each knife sold

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